CQS is a global Information Technology company that generates value for its clients through innovation, thought leadership and co-creating transformational solutions. It is focussed on being a leading player in digital convergence, Smart Cities solutions, Smart Governance solutions and cognitive systems.

Through its subsidiaries, CQS delivers solutions and services in IT Strategy, Managed Services, System Integration, Design and Development, Analytics and Program Management.

The group is headquartered in India with operations in UK and EU with professional teams for Mobility Solutions, IoT, ERP, Quality Assurance, Program & Change Management, Management Consulting. CQS has expertise in smart city consulting and has a Global innovation centres for building smart and sustainable solutions. It has multiple development centres in Noida, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Bangalore in India.

European Union and UK

CQS Group has established relationships with clients in the EU who are at the forefront of the rapidly changing global landscape. We have serviced clients across industries including Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Building Solutions, Utilities, and United Nations

The Group's relationship with various clients has helped it evolve to take on the role of a strategic partner in defining and implementing their transformation plans for their business and competitive strategies. We have provided Strategy, Program/ Project Management, Change Management, PMO and Business Readiness Services to various clients. Working closely with the business on one hand and technology providers on the other hand, The Kintsugi Framework assists in bringing about a seamless change.

Global enterprises who have reposed their trust on us include BP, Shell, Gazprom, Black & Decker, AVIVA, BARCLAYS, CEMEX, Deloitte, Hewlett Packard, World Intellectual Property Organisation (A UN Body), MySkin amongst others.

CQS In India

CQS in India has been at the forefront of consulting and designing solutions around the 'Smart Cities' framework. We have partnered with State Governments and Public Administrations in transformational projects. Working closely with the Government of Andhra Pradesh, we helped conceive and build the AP Skills Development Initiative. We hold the distinction of being the very first partners providing training around development of Mobile Applications across 25 Engineering Colleges. We have also partnered closely with the Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh Police in conceiving, developing and implementing a framework for Law Enforcement Modernization.

We have been credited with being a pioneer in conceiving and delivering a digital convergance solutions for the police department in multiple states, a project that is seen as a revolutionary initiative by all premier law enforcement agencies in the country. The Application focuses on Operations, Predictive Policing & empowering the Frontline Police officers and improving overall effectiveness of the department. CQS is also working closely with other agencies like Pollution Control Board, Municipalities, Mines, Public Works Department, et al to build and implement transformational SMART Solutions.

The Logiconverse framework is designed to consult clients on digital communication matrices and online perception modelling based on Le Chateliers principle of Restoring Balance.

The Logicop framework applies the Peelian Principles of modern policing, maps them to ground roles specific to geographies, performs a research-backed digital operations overhaul and delivers innovative efficiency enhancing solutions for law enforcement agencies globally.

The Logicampus framework defines a campus as a small hub for smart cities and delivers a scientific operations methodology to integrate the various operative nodes in a campus.

The CQS Kintsugi Framework is a Global Deployment Framework that brings the Program & Portfolio Management methodology for Large Global Programs spanning multiple Geographic locations. This brings together Everything from Procurement, Project Management Office and Business Readiness in one single framework helping clients deploy solutions with relative ease.

Proprietary scientific research-backed frameworks and methodologies
Dynamic on-demand services met with offices in UK and India
Dedicated teams for digital convergence
100 plus professional team members
Dedicated Performance and testing labs
Domain specific solutions
Strategic Alliances and Partnerships with OEMs
Focussed customer satisfaction model

Ajay Hari
Group Director

A visionary technocrat, globe trotter and a digital enthusiast, AJ has a rich experience of over 20 years working within Business divisions and IT across a cross section of domains from Building Solutions, Retail, Engineering and Financial Services.

Ajay has worked on transforming and restructuring businesses. He has a high interest in understanding Human behaviour and managing Change. He has a passion for business and Entrepreneurship and a keen eye for detail.

Outside work, try catching him over a malt and you might not go home after all. AJ has a passion for Skiing, playing chess and skating

Evani Mannur
Group Director

Evani heads the group Program Management Operations in Europe and United Kingdom. She has over 15 years experience in managing and servicing technology needs for global clients including the United Nations.

She is the 'Human' face of the group with a strong ability to connect with people. She is highly energetic and a firm believer in living life to the full and strikes a perfect work-life balance.

She is a strong proponent of women empowerment and has been involved in building sustainable community projects in India's rural areas – attending to literacy and skill development.

Meet her outside work at your own risk, for you will be thinking about all the fun you had on the day for the rest of the week. She loves event management and is the person-to-go for any parties across all offices at the slightest of pretext.

Ramakrishna Peela
Director & COO

The master of delivery and our technical head, Ramakrishna has extensive experience working with innovative technology Products and has been the chief architect of the SMART City solutions produced by CQS over the years.

Affable, with a pleasant demenaour, he is a very popular with the team and clients.

He has a strong passion for making a difference and a head buzzing with ideas. Meet him outside work and you are bound to go back considering how you could contribute to making the world a better place for the next generation

Parikshit Saini
Director & COO

A young, self-driven and brimming with energy, Parikshit has been the pillar for service delivery at the group. He carries with him a 'Never Say No' attitude to problems and is liked extensively by clients across all geographies.

A travel enthusiast who loves driving and will always be ready for an excursion.

Aman Bandvi
Group CMO

Aman is a perception management consultant. He was at the helm of a boutique reputation management company, Credence and led it to many laurels. He has mentored promoters on stake holder perceptions and devised strategies that help negate crises, enhance stakeholder opinion and strengthen the perception.

He was the chief executive of India's premier online think-tank on defence and security issues, DefenceIndia. Whilst in that role, he conceived the seminal research on conscription and was able to generate countrywide opinion. He also conceived a seminal project on rehabilitation of ex-servicemen.

He got the honour to distribute The DefenceIndia Excellence Awards in 2007 and has spoken at premier think-tank events and seminars on nation's preparedness, perception at borders, international relations and offsets.

He was also the founder editor of Expat, a niche magazine on expatriate affairs and was previously also on board of SIETAR, a global think-tank on cross cultural issues. He has ghost written books on infertility, recipes, golf and team building amongst others.

He brings insights in new market development, customer relations and product acceptance strategies.

e = (equals) m c (square): e = mc2

Our Values are based on the lines of the famous scientific equation by Einstein defining energy. This value concept draws a parallel of energy with excellence. The symbol 'M' is a metaphor for MANPOWER. At CQS, we consider manpower/human assets/teams to be the firm's most valuable asset. The firm invests heavily on the teams and the teams are nurtured with a view to enhance their profiles and to add to the overall strengths. The symbol 'C' stands for the CULTURE. The organization culture stands for transparency, egalitarianism (equal opportunities), continual improvement (trainings, growth structures and opportunities), best practices (compliances, standards, quality), resource management (HR systems, policies, appraisals and rewards frameworks), fun (family days, outbound excursions, get-togethers, Friday dressing), above-par remunerations and visionary management.

The symbol 'C' stands for COMPETENCE. The group derives its strength from the expertise and capability of its assets and globally accepted systems and procedures. The strengths in project management, achieving heights in the business domains of choice, adhering to quality principles, ethical governance and offices at key locations add to its capability quotient. And this gives CQS a high degree of competence in multiple domains.

The symbol 'E' stands for excellence. CQS derives energy from its key ingredients above. The energy translates into and is derived from its teams, culture and competencies. This gives the firm exuberance – delight in being the best and this makes it a perfect choice to have a great career. This career shall assure a personal growth, a professional excellence and a great work-life balance.